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3 Easy and Delicious Herbs and Spices Recipes Great for Boosting Metabolism

The rate of your metabolism determines how fast your cells convert the food you eat to body fuel. Having a fast metabolism means that you are burning more calories.

Healthy Meals Of 2 Asian Rice Dishes: Pounded Tea And Nonya Herb Rice

The pounded tea rice and Nonya herb rice are quintessential all-in-one meals that bring together a whopping number of nourishing and tasty herbs and vegetables, for a well balanced combination of taste, smell and texture. Pounded tea rice or ‘leicha’is laborious in preparation of the many veggies though the blender has solved the old-time practice of having to pound ingredients to make its signature sesame paste for a broth base. This tea rice is very beneficial for health. On the other hand, the herb rice requires meticulous slicing of many herbs, after which the herbs are tossed in a seasoning with roasted coconut flakes. These 2 rice dishes make healthy meals where you get to get a lot of good, wholesome foods.

Healthy, Tasty, Low-Fat Snack Ideas: Fresh Veggie Spring Rolls And Fruit Salad And Boiled Dumplings

Whipping up yummy snacks packed with antioxidants is a cinch to fill long gaps between plant-based meals. For instance, fresh spring rolls with fillings of both raw and cooked vegetables and a bit of sauce can be enjoyed by both the young and old. Interestingly, there are many healthy options for wrap fillings, thus making it an enjoyable eating experience. Another quick and easy-to-prepare healthy snack is that of vegetarian dumplings that are cooked with just some boiling water. Further, there is also a fabulous fruit and vegetable salad dish which captures and pulls all the different flavors together, to make an unforgettable eating experience. Most importantly, these are also healthy snack foods for: those who wish to lose weight, for those on the go and also for kids.

Fabulous Chinese Hot Pot: Leafy Greens, Tubers, Mushroom Types, Asian Noodles And Dipping Sauces

Hot pot dining brings people together to enjoy a most healthy meal where everybody gets to cook his pickings from a vast smorgasboard of mostly fresh raw foods in a boiling communal pot. For instance, food in a minute is the leafy vegetables to be blanched in the boiling pot. Meanwhile, root vegetable chunks are left to simmer in the broth to sweeten the soup. Besides, plentiful choices of different mushroom types make delightful eating. Notably, an array of noodles, dumplings, Chinese steamed buns and all kinds of tofu foods illustrates the satiating power of food. Above all, freshly made dipping sauces make the meal a memorable one. Ending hot pot dining with a pot of green tea does make you feel you have eaten well.

What Athletics and Sugar Have In Common

Quitting sugar doesn’t seem like an athletic event! Yet similarities exist between what my coach used to tell us and what I tell my nutrition clients. In both cases, it’s about becoming nonreactive.

Healthy Snacks To Boost Your Work Out Routine

To boost your workout routine or help you lose weight, there are super foods out there that are good for snacks. They not only give you the nutrients you need to sustain your energy, but they also even keep you fit and sexy. Below are some best ones you should know.

Five Easy DIY Hacks to to Wellness

I’m going on a diet can sound like a trip to the I.R.S, or the D.M.V. A necessary evil. Something to be endured. Instead, flip the script to I’m going to make healthier choices. And that doesn’t mean depriving yourself of what you love– that wouldn’t be fun. Here are few hacks to get on track with your health in the world of corporate wellness and solutions:

Three Easy Ways to Kickstart a Healthy Diet

“I will start a new diet on Monday”-if these words sound familiar to you, read the article Three Easy Ways to Kickstart a Healthy Diet. Starting a healthy diet always sounds intimidating. We grow comfortable in our little indulgences like drinking beer after work or eating ice cream when stressed. But in reality, the start is the most important.

Juicy Details of a Juice Diet

Treat your body like a temple’, and everyone seems to be health conscious giving a rise to numerous diets from the warrior, Atkins, paleo, juice diet etc. The juice diet is no newbie when it comes to the bandwagon of famous diets.

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