Do This Mobility Workout To Get Faster!

8 Somewhat Weird Ingredients That Will Revolutionize Your Smoothie-Making

Love smoothies but getting tired of the same old thing? These 8 ingredients will add some inspiration to your smoothie-making, bringing both nutrition and new flavors and textures!

Kids That Are Given Big Plates Eat More Food

Small children who are given large plates and then allowed to serve themselves take more food and consume more calories. A test to see whether adult research on dishware size and food intake also holds true for children.

3 Kid-Friendly Desserts With 3 Ingredients or Less

Are you trying to cut back on the processed, sugary sweets your kids crave? Are you a busy mom with little time available to bake more wholesome alternatives? This article provides three super-simple, super-delicious, kid-tested desserts that are healthy and can be made from scratch in less than two minutes!

Why We Should Have Enough Iodine in Our Diet

We don’t often talk about iodine in our diet because we don’t need very much of it. Like the trace minerals, a little bit go a long way. The biggest issue that we can have when we lack enough iodine is thyroid dysfunction, also referred to as hypothyroidism, which is an underactive thyroid. This is quite a common problem, particularly because many people simply aren’t getting enough iodine in the diet.

L Tyrosine Benefits – What It Does and Why You Should Care!

Have you ever seen l tyrosine being sold as a dietary supplement? Discover what it really does and some of the benefits it can provide someone.

Benefits of a Seafood Diet

What are the benefits of eating more seafood? A seafood diet is high in protein and low in fat, for starters. Different kinds of seafood have different health benefits which makes a balanced seafood diet that much more delicious. For instance, white fish has the lowest fat percentage compared to other animal protein sources and oily fish have an abundance of omega-3 fatty acids. Fish essentially makes up for some nutrients our bodies do not produce much of naturally.

Narcolepsy Is It Real? How Real Food Helps Us Stay Awake

I could sleep till noon, and take a nap from 2-4 every day, and go to bed at 9 pm. I was sleeping my life away, and missing out on doing fun things. When traveling, I slept while others drove. I could never drive, and I was mesmerized by he white line.

The Benefits of Cortisol Testing In Today’s Society

Although technology is meant to ease the daily lives of most, modern society appears to gradually become more and more stressful. This is evidenced by the rise in anxiety-related ailments that plague medical offices across the globe.

Coffee, the Super Drink

Espresso, latte, flat white, cappuccino, or just your bog-standard cup of black joe, coffee has seen somewhat or an uprising in terms of popularity in the UK within recent years. Often misunderstood for it’s health implications ‘due to it’s caffeine content’ in the past, it seems that consumer’s are enjoying a cup of coffee more so than ever before and it’s popularity has been cited by the Telegraph as the number one reason for the demise in sales of it’s caffeinated companion, the cup of tea. For good reason too.

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