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The Incredible Benefits of Vitamin D

Did you know? Our bodies use Vitamin D for many daily processes, which makes it very important to us. It is necessary for the absorption of calcium, which promotes strong bones. There is lots of science data on the disease called rickets, which is the disease that results from not enough Vitamin D for the body to make strong bones. As a result of rickets, bones are misshapen and fragile.

The Functions of Vitamin B6

The functioning of vitamin B6 plays a major role in both the anti-aging processes, and maintenance of blood glucose in the body. While it is involved in the metabolization of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates; It is also involved in hundreds of complex chemical reactions that affect mood and memory, energy, sleep, skin, and hormones. Several studies have shown that Vitamin B6 aids in lowering blood levels of the amino acid homocysteine.

Eating, a La Francaise

Last year was really the year of the French parent, with a host of books being published on why the French make the best parents. And having lived in France for five years, I must admit that French children do seem to be exceptionally well-mannered and well-behaved, observing social niceties and the rules of expected behaviour from a very early age. I was especially impressed by their manners at the table; and food being a focal point of French social life.

Why We Should and Really Should Juice Anyway

The reasons most people juice is for weight loss or as a cleansing and detox diet. Juicing makes complete sense because juices are safest and most nutritious when freshly made. It’s also easy to do but more importantly it’s a natural way to supplement your diet with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients. For the last reason alone I would be hard pressed not to juice.

How Sugar Can Cause Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance is said to be the result of overweight, and that’s true. Yet it can be caused by other factors, including diet. Learn how sugar and fructose can cause insulin resistance.

Is Margarine Healthy?

Although I’m fine with how margarine tastes, I’ve seen some disturbing “facts” on the internet about how bad it is. I needed to find out if it really was so unhealthy as was being claimed.

8 Powerful Reasons to Cook With Herbs and Spices

Cutting down on salt and replacing it with herbs and spices will help transform your meals from ordinary to extraordinary. In addition, there are many health benefits that you can reap from cooking with herbs and spices.

Why Is IRON Important for Children?

Though I believe in a balanced diet, there are times when we need to focus on specific nutrients as their deficiency can be a cause of concern. With exam fever in the air, I decided to write about “iron”, a nutrient that can really contribute to a child’s growth and performance! I am not talking about deficiency among children whose families are prone to malnourishment due to lack of access, this is about children from well to do families! A review of studies done in middle and high income families show that “Anaemia” due to iron deficiency is prevalent among anywhere between 14 to 88%! Also many teenage girls are at risk for iron deficiency when they hit puberty. The Hindu (March 9 th 2013) quoted the National Family Health Survey, mentioning that one out of two adolescent girls suffer from aneamia! So this is an issue that can very well be present in our households!

The Power of Breakfast

With the setting in of the ‘back to school’ routine, I decided this will be a good time to write about the ‘power of breakfast’. In my interaction with children I have noticed that many are unable to eat a good breakfast before they leave for school. The reasons could vary from schools starting early in the north, to getting up late for the teens (when sleep becomes more important than meals!) or a fussy eater who just cannot manage to eat in the morning. I would like to use this occasion to reiterate the popular saying ‘eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper’ does exist for a good reason!

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