Homemade Shredded Chicken Recipe

Vitamin D: An Essential Vitamin For Athletes?

Vitamin D is essential for life… Not just athletes! Research continues to show that virtually every tissue and cell within the body has receptors for Vitamin D. According to numerous reports, Vitamin D is not technically a vitamin at all, but a pro-hormone. The very presence of receptors specifically for vitamin D defines it as a hormone more than a vitamin.

Finding the Best Locations for Healthy Foods

Eating right is an important part of a lifestyle that encourages overall benefits. It can help you to look and feel your best. It can provide your body with the energy it needs and assist with weight management. It also reduces the risk of serious health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. Making positive changes can start with a plan of action and health food stores.

Improve Your Overall Health With This One Addition

There are so many benefits; you will soon decide to buy chia seeds! This one change can be a tremendous step towards improving your overall health. It can be hard to give your body all it needs every day from diet alone. It is encouraging to try something to help you stay on track and to reduce the risk of health concerns. Your quality of life should be a top priority!

Choose Beneficial Fermented Foods

Many vegetables are grown in a fertile valley far away. Almost as soon as they are harvested, they are flash-frozen and transported on refrigerated trucks to a supermarket near you. You have a freezer at home, and the delivery of healthy nutritious vegetables from farm to consumer is completed easily. Refrigerated trucks keep fresh-picked vegetables viable long enough that your green grocer’s shelves remain well-stocked throughout the year.

Get Rid of Constipation With a Nourished Gut

I want to dig deeper into one of the main solutions to this problem so many millions of people struggle with – nourishing your gut. Making food and lifestyle choices to prevent constipation can go a long way, but also a healthy gut is key to prevent and manage any gut dysfunction that can lead to constipation. It is always easier to prevent illness than to treat it. So adopting healthy lifestyle choices before dealing with chronic constipation is ideal. But when that hasn’t been the case, there are choices you can start making today to get your gut on track.

Healthy Eating – Four Benefits Of Eating Bison Meat

If you are a fan of red meat, since going on your healthy eating plan you may be shunning this favorite source of protein. Some cuts of beef can be quite fatty and full of cholesterol, and in many people’s minds, just don’t quite fit on a body weight management plan. But, this does not mean all red meat needs to get the boot. In fact, bison, a wild game meat, is one of the healthiest protein sources you can consume. Here are some major benefits of bison.

Drink Water to Keep Your Body Working Properly

Water flows through every cell in our bodies, supporting blood flow, toxin removal and production and transmission of important enzymes and hormones. If your body has too little water, these essential functions will be compromised and that can lead to serious chronic health conditions. Drinking good, clean pure water helps our bodies to perform at optimal levels and it sustains our health.

Healthy Eating – The One Vegetable You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

There is no questioning the fact almost any vegetable you eat is a good one to be putting into your body. They are not only cholesterol free and very low in fat, their beta-carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin E content can reduce the damaging effects of cholesterol in your blood. There are no “bad eggs” in the vegetable kingdom, and all should be a part of your healthy eating plan. Some vegetables do stand out from the crowd where being extra healthy and health-promoting is concerned. One such vegetable you will want to check out? Cauliflower. (Oh no!)

Do You Really Know What Sugar Does to Your Body?

The thing to remember is that it is not always about “all” or “none.” Moderation is key for most things, but admittedly harder to stick to around the holidays. We’ve got Thanksgiving under our belts with the winter holidays coming underway, and a whole new set of sweets to look forward to. Most (if not all) of us give in to our holiday sweet tooth, but for those of you who have a sweet tooth, and indulge it, all year round, there are some things you should know about what too much sugar does to the human body, particularly too much processed sugar.

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