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Dietary Fiber: Is the Processed “Fake” Fiber Added by Food Manufacturers Good for You?

There’s a difference between natural dietary fiber that comes directly from a plant and the powder or gel-like substances that food manufacturers add to packaged foods to boost the fiber content. Does a processed fiber substance perform, protect or count the same as a natural fiber? The current legal definition of fiber only requires that the substance is not digestible or that it resists digestion. It doesn’t have to be a “whole” or natural substance. We all know that processed foods never end up being good for us. Learn how to identify high fiber counts on packaged products that mislead you.

10 Good Reasons You Should Eat Sweet Potatoes

The lowly sweet potato ranks very high in nutritional benefit. High in potassium, Vitamin C & E as well as several other important nutrients. Here are 10 reasons to eat sweet potatoes.

10 Scientific Studies Showing GMO May Harm You!

GMO corporations have repeatedly claimed that their GM foods are safe… However, there are a number of reasons not to trust the claim that GM foods are safe: Evidence to the contrary from many scientific studies show that GMO is not safe…

Sugar Addiction: Why Tapering Is Not the Solution (No Matter Who Says It Is!)

It’s sometimes suggested that the best way to end sugar addiction is to taper sugar intake. That approach can cause several problems, covered in this article.

Fueling Your Workout the Right Way

Fueling your workout is important so you can train properly and recover sooner. Unfortunately people consume far too many calories compared to what is burned during a workout. For a 180 pound male, running a 10 minute mile would burn 120 calories and a vigorous bike ride would burn 140 calories every 10 minutes. Compare this to an energy bar that contains 220 – 280 calories and smoothies can contain 350 to 400 calories. It can be very easy to overeat before a workout that will derail your attempt to get results.

Super Lutein

Super Lutein is the best selling health supplement in Japan since 1999 and is now being introduced to the United States. It focuses on eye and overall health improvement.

The Benefits Of Omega 3 And Fatty Acids

The Benefits of Omega 3s and fatty acids can not be underestimated. Find out about more about some key benefits you may not have thought of, from cell health to depression. Discover the number one factor in determining which high grade fish oil to purchase.

Kicking the Wheat Habit and Living Gluten-Free

Kicking the ‘Wheat’ Habit briefly describes my story and shows the added effect of gluten intolerance coupled with prolonged stress leading to a health crisis. It outlines 7 simple steps which I’ve personally addressed in overcoming the debilitating symptoms of Gluten Intolerance and points out traps to be aware of along the way, especially for the uninitiated.

This Is Why Eating Raw Vegan Makes You So Happy!

It’s hard to describe but there is a sense of joy, excitement, and happiness that comes from eating a live, raw vegan diet. Whether it be from increased serotonin levels (a chemical in the brain that creates a feeling of happiness and joy), to an improved body image, to mental clarity, and energy, eating a live raw vegan diet leads to a great mood! No I take that back!

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