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Superfood: BANANAS

Most of us don’t think of bananas as a health food, but the many benefits may change your mind. Did you know that bananas will protect against stroke and heart attacks, elevate your mood…

It’s Time to Get Your Carbs On!

Over the years, carbohydrates have gotten a bad reputation. But, they provide energy for the body, particularly the brain and nervous system. Additionally, carbohydrates are what I like to think of as our “feel good” macronutrients.

Ever Seen The Movie, Cat’s Eye?

Ever seen the movie, Cat’s Eye? One of the three stories in the movie is about a man who enlists the help of Quitters, Inc. in an effort to quit smoking.

The NOT So Missing Link: Sugar and Depression

It’s truly insidious… sugar is absolutely everywhere and it’s just downright sneaky as it hides in a lot of foods that many people simply don’t recognise as sugar-laden i.e. a standard loaf of bread can contain up to 9 or more teaspoons of sugar, depending which country you call home… and sauces like tomato ketchup typically have a teaspoon of sugar in every tablespoon.

Conquering Sugar Addiction Helps More Health Issues Than You Think!

The specialty of sugar addiction goes far beyond that. It comprises several health conditions involving insulin, insulin resistance, brain chemistry, moods and more.

How to Eat for Healthy Lungs

Poor lung health is all-too common a problem in our society, both due to pollution and personal choices. Once again your diet is the first defence against all the free radicals that are constantly bombarding you. Keeping your lungs healthy is the best strategy.

Easy And Healthy Homemade Vegetable Soups: Delicious And Hearty Potato And White Radish Soups

Generally speaking, it is a soup that makes a meal complete. Moreover, foods high in fluids will not only increase your fluid intake but lower the rate of urinary bacterial infections as well. Interestingly, a soup may comprise any number of both fresh and dried ingredients to give that distinct taste which keeps you returning for more. For example, in a homemade potato soup, Madame Chua uses 3 fresh ingredients and 5 dried ones. This potato soup is completely nourishing as the ingredients have medicinal benefits. Misako’s white radish soup is relatively simple and it consists of only 5 ingredients, including the soup stock. Nutrition-wise, miso has great antioxidant benefits. However, there are also the quick and easy soups that can be prepared without strict adherence to the amounts of ingredients required for soup-making.

How Much Vitamin A We Need Can Be Confusing

You probably know that you need Vitamin A. You probably have also heard that you can get too much Vitamin A. However, the language describing the quantities of this important nutrient varies considerably. Yes, the amount may be described as RDA, RAE, IU, or even mcgs. How in the world is the average person going to know whether you are getting what you need if you are told the RDA is one amount, but your multi-vitamin supplement lists the quantity as an IU?

Boost Your Immune System With These Tiny Seeds

The benefits to eating pumpkin seeds daily are boosting your immune system, reducing inflammation and fighting cancer, just to name a few. The inclusion of healthy snacks daily in your family’s diet, can support their short and long term health. Pumpkin seeds, or pepitas, can be a great source of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

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