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What Is an Integrative Dietitian?

There are many of us nutrition professionals now aligning ourselves with Integrative Medicine. I consider myself in this group. Maybe you are asking yourself what exactly this is and most importantly, does it really matter?

7 Vitality Boosters – Foods to Increase Energy and Optimal Function

Vitality is defined as a state of being strong and active; having energy. Aren’t we all looking to feel a little greater vitality in our lives? You may think about lifestyle choices you can make to feel more vital – consistent exercise, getting enough sleep and managing stress. In addition to creating a healthy life, a healthy diet can have an important impact on promoting vitality!

Drink Local Fruits and Vegetable Juice

The goal is simple, live happy, drink healthy and thrive daily on an array of fresh juices obtained from produce of local growers. As an avid marathon runner, daily fitness guy and enhanced lifestyle person I wanted to share a few points about this amazing juice bar.

Sleep Issues May Be Easy to Fix With Food

Sleep issues can take several forms. This article looks specifically at difficulty in falling asleep and suggests an easy nutrition solution.

Do Not Read Labels!

Sounds like strange advice doesn’t it? Perhaps it is, but I will be honest. In today’s food marketing industry, there is so much trickery being used, that label reading seems to be getting us into trouble more than it is helping.

A Non-Diet Approach to a Healthy Breakfast

Many chronic dieters start each day with a renewed sense of hope that “today is the day I am going to stick to my diet.” Breakfast then becomes the natural starting point for any diet, meal plan, healthy eating vow, etc. Now, I’m all for starting each day with a positive outlook, but sometimes, in regards to our diet, we aim for perfection and it backfires.

Simple Ways to Have a Balanced Lifestyle

A well-balanced diet and regular exercise can dramatically improve your health. At the same time, it’s important to avoid stress and focus on the things you love. Know what your priorities are, set realistic goals, and eat mindfully.

Eating Your Way to Lower Blood Pressure

When it comes to healthy blood pressure, it is just as important to eat the right food as it is to avoid the wrong ones. In order to lower your blood pressure (as most people who have a problem with blood pressure tend to have too high, not too low) you should eat a diet that is rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy goods, as well as avoiding alcohol, caffeine, sugars, saturated fats and cholesterol. Doing so can lower your blood pressure by up to 14mm Hg.

The Different Types Of Energy Foods And Drinks

A good diet can help you get the best sports and fitness results. Runners, hikers, cyclists, etc. need an infusion of energy from foods and drinks for peak performance.

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