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Choosing An Apple Over A Bag Of Chips

We all love a bag of chips, but what’s inside that bag and is it really good for us? Why don’t we choose the apple instead, it’s healthier!

You Are What You Eat! It’s True!

Most people don’t know the problems that they can solve within themselves by simply eating better. The effects are amazing if you have the willpower to stick with it. Never give up and you can achieve your personal goals. It’s a lifestyle and once you master it, you will never look back.

The Health Benefits of Mushrooms

Most people tend to think of mushrooms as not much more than a topping or appetizer, but mushrooms have some incredible health benefits. The questions are what mushrooms should I be eating, and what benefits will they bring me? Technically mushrooms fall under the category of vegetable, though they are a fungus. Know your mushrooms, for they are not all beneficial, and some are downright deadly. I stick to the ones found at my grocer, but if you are adventurous there are probably dozens of types growing near you. Just know which are poisonous and which are edible.

The Curious Case of Calcium – Why You Need It

We need calcium but do you know why? Calcium is a mineral that plays a central role in building and maintaining our skeletal structure – our bones!

Why Sugar Hacked Science (And Your Health!)

Sugar is now considered a “food” with negative health consequences. But this isn’t really new! Sugar was researched in the 1970s, until the sugar industry targeted fats as the problem. The result was bad news for the U.S. population.

Health and Wellness – Are You Really Addressing Your Family’s Health and Wellness Needs?

Reflecting on our family’s health and wellness is a natural thing to do and is an important part of good stewardship of all we have been given in this life. Part of caring for each person’s health and wellness should include consideration of the nutrients we put into our bodies.

Meat-Eaters Beware!

Do you know how much meat you can eat for optimum health? Or maybe you should not eat any meat and be a vegetarian! Can you get all the protein your body needs if you don’t eat any meat at all? Can you eat so much meat that it could actually cause you some health problems?

Basics of Food Management

Good health is the result of conscious commitment that involves many factors like the food we eat, exercises, mental well-being, rest and sleep. Consistency is the most important factor when it comes to good nutrition.

How to Alkalize Your Body to Prevent Cancer

What you need to know about how to alkaline your body to keep it disease-free. Cancer can only survive in an acidic body where the cells have low oxygen, so take these simple steps to maintaining a healthy alkaline body.

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