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Diet for Active People

Active people’s diet should be selected with the object of maintaining an optimum expenditure of energy… As with extensive exercises and heavy breathing many free radicals are generated, it is sensible to eat a diet rich in antioxidants.

Benefits Of Meal Replacement Shakes

Losing weight is like a big task for many people. If you are one of those striving hard to achieve a fitness goal, meal replacement shakes are for you. They work as a substitute for solid food but with fewer calories.

Fresh Herbs In Healthy Tossed Salads Of Andre Rochat, Patricia Wells and Giada De Laurentiis

It is important for a chef to concoct a salad dressing that can stand up to a combination of herbs without overpowering the flavors of all the whole food salad ingredients. In a fresh herb and vegetable salad by Andre Rochat, he uses a grand total of 8 fresh herbs of varying flavors, and 3 whole food ingredients. A simple olive oil dressing is livened up by stronger flavored condiments to stand up to the combined flavors of all the herbs. In yet another fresh herb salad, Patricia Wells uses only 5 herbs and a dressing of highly flavored olive oil is all there is to it. In addition, the fresh herb salad of Giada De Laurentiis, uses 5 herbs and pairs them with a leafy green and tossed in a specially blended olive oil dressing. Of the herbs used for a fresh herb salad by the 3 chefs, they avoid using 2 strong flavored herbs together at any one time; while they may use 2 to 4 types of the medium or delicate flavored herbs. All fresh herbs, however, must be chopped very fine. Most importantly, herbs is a deliciously healthy way to replenish your body’s supply of antioxidants.

Sugar May Make Us Prefer High-Fat Foods

Sugar and fat don’t always seesaw in the diet. Sugar has the ability to make us increase our fat consumption, as well. That can increase calorie intake and influence hormones, creating something of a snowball effect.

Health Benefits of Vitamin D Foods – Good Sleep, Bones, Immunity

Vitamin D is known as the “Sunshine Vitamin” as spending time outdoors in the sun is known to increase vitamin D in the body via the skin. Our ancestors spent a considerable amount of their time outdoors, but for the first time in history, large amounts of the world population spend most of their time inside their offices and homes. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition recommends some regular sun exposure (usually 5-10 min of exposure of the arms and legs or the hands, arms, and face, 2 or 3 times per week) and increased dietary…

5 Ways To Plan A Cheap Healthy Diet

Planning a healthy meal doesn’t have to be the most expensive thing you will ever do. Below are some sure fire ways to ensure you eat healthy on a budget.

Vitamin C Benefits Many Parts of the Body: Heart, Skin, Eyes and Muscle

Vitamin C is a vital nutrient for health. Although most animals can make vitamin C from scratch, humans have lost the ability and must get it from food, chiefly fresh fruits and vegetables. Recent research studies are showing many major health benefits for vitamin C.

Going Shopping, Be Prepared With a Shopping List for the Grocery Store

Going shopping is no longer a simple task like some years ago: That is, if you want to avoid just some of the culprits that affect your health. There are labels on most of the grocery items, how correct or trustworthy are they? For the consumer, knowing what to buy and exploring the health benefits of food is the first step for the right diet and better health. From every perspective there has been this failure of telling people of what they are buying because food labeling is a fast. The grocery manufacturing association reports that over 70 percent of food in your kitchen has a toxic substance that produces multiple health issues including tumors and cancer. Independent research has found that food is the biggest percentage where illness comes from.

Do Sugar and Fat Always Seesaw?

Sugar can increase fat in someone’s diet in several ways. Those fats are not always the best ones for health. This article covers a few of the ways sugar can increase fat consumption.

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