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Vitamin D, Are You Getting Enough?

Vitamin D is well known to have impact in preventing issues with your bones but what else does it effect and how does one increase their vitamin D levels? This article will answer all those questions.

Love to Snack? Make Choices for Good Health

There is a whole lot of snacking going on. At one time snacks were relegated to a light bite for children between the end of the school day and dinner. These days it’s here a snack, there a snack, everyone has a snack. Snacking occasions have exploded to include mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and post dinner. Snacking research indicates that 53 percent of Americans are snacking two to three times a day.

Does Eating Healthy Have to Be Expensive? The Costs of Feeding a Family of Four.

“It costs too much money to eat healthy!” This is commonly what I hear when teaching courses on nutrition and healthy eating. Yes, it is not hard to spend big bucks when going to the grocery store, but it doesn’t have to be that way with a bit of planning. According to the most recent data from the USDA, the cost of feeding a family of four a healthy diet can range from $146 to $289/week. These numbers are based on preparing all meals and snacks at home for 2 adults and 2 school-aged kids..

Health Consciousness: A Stepping Stone to Veganism

The greater proportion of the global population is shunning those detrimental eating practices and closing in on the health targeted approaches. With the advent of this sudden health consciousness among the peers, it’s only fitting people imbibe freshness and a rejuvenated aspect of living into the hierarchy.

Fight Fatigue: Popeye’s Natural Remedy to Restore Energy and Cure Fatigue

If you are waking up already dreading the day ahead because you are already feeling fatigue, it’s time to do something about it. There is one natural remedy that provides a real solution to boost energy, add essential vitamins to your diet and it’s tasty too.

Mass Gainer Supplements Are Used for Many Things

There are all sorts of mass gainer supplements that any bodybuilder can take advantage of. A big part of these supplements comes from how the mass gainer that can be featured in them will be used to help with promoting a variety of different types of physical activities. Here is a look at a few things that these supplements can do.

The Downfall of Coconut Oil, Saturated Fat and Cholesterol

Coconut oil, saturated fat and cholesterol have all been condemned for decades based on a mixture of scientific studies, commercial interest, and politics. Despite continuous objections from experts and scientists, coconut oil, saturated fat and cholesterol continued to be demonized over the last half a century. In this article we examine the history of events and scientific studies which forced them down the path of destruction.

Five Hidden Sources Of Gluten

Are you on a gluten-free diet? If you are then you need to read this article to learn how gluten can be hiding in unexpected places in your kitchen.

10 Simple Fitness Habits and The 10 Week Challenge

I’ve outlined 10 simple fitness habits that anyone, regardless of fitness level, knowledge, or age, can start implementing immediately. I know I’m just some young punk preaching health and fitness – but I can imagine there’s no worse feeling than a life filled with regret and what if’s. Trust me, a proactive approach to health and fitness will enrich your life in so many more ways than a reactive approach. Let’s get started.

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