The Truth About Little Miss Muffet (And Whey)

Top 10 Food Items for Any Diet Plan

Grocery shopping for dieters is very different than regular household shopping. No Need to worry, no matter what diet you take on, there are always certain food items that make the list. This article list the top 10 food items, which should ideally be part of any diet.

Artificial Sweeteners Make You Eat More (& Cause Disease)

Artificial sweeteners have negative effects. One is to increase appetite — usually for junk food. Another is to trigger different metabolic disorders, including diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. This article covers those effects and more.

Top 7 Tricks To Eat Less Sugar

Sugar is poison. At least according to Dr Robert Lustig. If that’s too strong a statement, we can all agree that it provides little nutritional value and contributes to energy crashes and our accelerates disease.

Nutritional Powerhouses Disguised in Small Packages

There are very few ‘go to’ easy snacks that allow you to obtain over 10 different vitamins and minerals from in one simple handful. For years nuts alone have been high on the list for their essential fats and nutrients but it seems like seeds are now taking their turn in the limelight. We introduce the nutritional powerhouse known as ‘Pumpkin seeds’

The Natural Antibacterial You Can Eat

We are all increasingly looking at ways we can use more natural products to consume, products that do not include added sugars, preservatives or any other unknown ingredients hidden inside. In a world of focus on healthy living it can be difficult to know which products we can trust and which products will have the highest benefit for us.

IBS and SIBO: One and the Same?

What is IBS? It is a condition affecting the large intestine. In many cases it acts as a catch-all diagnosis when other more definable problems, like Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis, have been ruled out. IBS often does not produce any damage to the intestines but certainly causes a host of unpleasant symptoms. Treatment is usually dietary modification and sometimes medications to ease the discomfort.

Big Difference In Health By Making Small Changes

Some changes can greatly alter that cause of your health and well-being. Such small changes, or let’s call them habits, because they can bring you to a better emotional and physical well-being and may well extend your life or determine how much longer you are going to live. In making such a decision to a longer and healthier life is ongoing. It’s not something that easy and straight forward by making one or two changes and all is fixed. The changes you should make are small ones, put them into place one step at the time.

Why Unripe Bananas Are Best for Health

How can unripe bananas be healthier than ripe ones? This article explains why.

Will You Celebrate National Junk Food Day?

Yes, there really is a National Junk Food Day. This article explores the possible reasons it exists and the reasons to avoid it.

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