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The Carbohydrate Story

Carbohydrates are a category of nutrient with a basic molecular conformation of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms. Carbohydrates form in nature from carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. The conformations vary from very basic glucose, fructose, and sucrose to longer chains of starch and fiber. For human digestion, all carbohydrates must be first broken down to glucose and fructose before assimilation can occur.

Healthy Eating – Three Smart Snack Choices At Fast Food Restaurants

Have to eat on the go? If you’re looking for a quick and healthy snack option at one of the local drive-through’s, don’t fret even if you have heard you should run from fast foods. There are smart options if you look hard enough. Many people think they can’t eat healthily in a fast food restaurant, but if you choose wisely, you certainly can. Let’s look at three great snack options to help tide you over until you get home for your next meal.

How to Clear Up Your Skin While Healing Your Gut

You may be familiar with how diet impacts some of these conditions: a food allergy causing eczema or a high sugar diet leading to acne. But have you thought about how the overall health of your gut may be impacting these symptoms as well? Is it too late to have childlike skin again? Maybe, but there are choices you can make that will help you to have clear, glowing, healthy looking skin.

Want To Lose Weight? Ditch These Foods and Drinks

Have you noticed a sudden increase in your weight and you have not been snacking or eating fast food of late? Can’t explain why you are packing more kilos than usual? The answer may be in foods that you would not normally suspect.

Lose Weight Fast With Healthy Foods

Mid 2016 is here with us and probably by now you have not achieved one of your New Year resolutions – losing weight. Don’t worry, you still have plenty of time. Thanks to lose weight fast tips, you can finally shed off the extra kilos.

Cut Out Sugar and Eat Saturated Fats to Fight Obesity – Part 12

A ‘low carbohydrate, healthy fat’ diet is a way to avoid modern illnesses such as high blood pressure, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. The trouble is that former ‘sugar addicts’ can quickly succumb to temptation of sweet foods. This final article explains what to do if that happens, and answers the question: “Which are the lowest sugar-containing fruit and vegetables?”

Why You Should Be Drinking Lemon Water All The Time

If you aren’t already reaping the benefits of lemon water, you need to start because it can change your health. We aren’t talking about the sugar-heavy lemonade that kids sell for 50 cents a glass in movies. No, this is all about fresh lemon juice in water and how you can benefit from drinking it.

The Journey of Fructose From Plant to Human

Fructose is a simple sugar generated naturally in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Though glucose is the principal sugar formed in the process of plant photosynthesis, fructose appears rapidly, also. Once eaten, fructose is quickly and easily absorbed across our intestinal walls. It travels to our liver where it is converted to glycogen and fatty acids and long-chain triglycerides. Fructose is thus converted principally into storage forms of energy and is not utilized by most of our body’s cells or tissues as a primary energy source.

Cut Out Sugar and Eat Saturated Fats to Fight Obesity – Part 11

Snacking between meals is a major cause of obesity. A diet that contains healthy fats and which is low in carbohydrates will prevent the habit. This article explores why, and suggests healthy foods that can replace traditional ‘carbohydrate-heavy’ ones.

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