10 HARDEST Exercises You SHOULD Be Doing

If The Paleo Craze Is Great – Why Is Neolithic Even Better?

America’s #1 Paleo Physician, Al Sears, MD, explains why the Paleo Diet and going back to our natural eating traditions is so important in staying lean and healthy in the modern world. Dr. Sears discusses the Paleo lifestyle and explains why it is so healthy even if it might not be named correctly.

Nutritional Deficiencies – At the Root of Many Health Problems

Our bodies are stressed out these days from all of the exposure it gets on a daily basis: toxic drugs (including sugar, caffeine and excess alcohol), lack of sleep, medications that strip the body of nutrients, metals in our: antacids, baking soda (aluminum), calcium supplements (lead), vaccinations (mercury), dental fillings (mercury), toxic environmental chemicals from factories, additives and toxins in our foods (pesticides), toxic molds and electromagnetic waves (microwaves, cell phones, electrical wires). The list goes on and on. If there’s ever a time that our body needs more support on an around clock, daily basis, it is NOW…

The Smart Meter Violation

Sometimes I feel as though I live in a haze, clear of what I see in front of me and naive to what’s around me. I just learned that since June 2012 a SMART meter was installed by Southern California Edison on my residential property, entirely unbeknownst to me. I do not recall ever receiving contact that this instrument would be installed on my property and did not believe that Edison nor any other company would have the right to do so.

7 Key Points to Understand Why Vitamins and Minerals Are Important for Health

Vitamins and minerals are essential for health and fitness, and it is important to identify foods which contain normal dietary requirements of these supplements. Vitamins can be harmful if high levels are ingested, and therefore a knowledge of which foods help to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet is essential in order to maintain optimal fitness. Here are 7 important points to help explain why vitamins and minerals are important as part of our daily diet in order to improve fitness and to stay healthy.

3 Ways to Supercharge Your Juices

If you’re juicing, then you already know the health benefits. However, there food pairings for juicing that will maximize your body’s ability to absorb the most nutrients. This will also increase your body’s ability to fight off what it needs to fight off to keep you going strong!

Eating Healthy During Summer Holidays

Summer is here. Children are excited about their break, travel plans, and of course the freedom from routine. Even until a decade ago, children spent most of their time playing outside during the summer breaks, easily getting their daily quota of physical activity. Indoor board games and television watching were of course there, but with fewer channels and outdoor play was more fun.

Do You Know How to Read Nutrition Labels?

I spoke to a group of parents and children on how to read nutrition labels this weekend and decided it will be good to blog about this for a larger audience. From my experience, even among the educated, ‘Nutrition Literacy’ is far from where it should be and learning to read nutrition labels can be a good starting point.

How To Lose Your Sugar Addiction – For Good!

Lose your sugar addiction! Does sugar really hurt your health?

Fruits and Vegetables In Your Grocery Store and The Top 4 Ways They May Be Destroying Your Health

Fruits and Vegetables from the grocery store may be hiding a secret that can ruin your family’s health. Learn about this industry secret and how to avoid these potentially life threatening products.

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