5 Exercises You NEED In Training

The Alternatives To Protein Supplements: What Else Is Available To Get More Nutrients Into Your Diet

Alternative to Protein Supplements. Can you trust what’s in protein supplements, do you need them and what other options are there for meeting your daily needs of macro-nutrients?

Forks Over Knives: A Movie That Just Might Save Your Life

Let food be thy medicine. This may seem like a quote from some new age practitioner of alternative medicine, but it is actually attributed to the Greek physician Hippocrates who is considered the father of Western medicine and namesake of the Hippocratic oath (an oath all doctors must take before practicing medicine). The quote also pretty much sums up a revolutionary new documentary called Forks Over Knives. Well, the film actually takes that quote one step further and claims that you will not even need medicine if you eat certain foods.

10 Tips for Healthy Families

It is easy to for a family to have unhealthy habits. However, it is also easy (and fun) to change them into good ones. All you need is a little health education.

Eating Coconut for Good Health

Coconuts contain so much that is good for us. From dietary fiber to protein, Healthy fats that protect and heal our bodies and important minerals all combine to create an exceptional ingredient good health. It offers great flavor and nutrition that can be incorporated in many different ways for great meals.

Why Stopping for Lunch Is Important

We often forget or simply feel we don’t have time for lunch or we choose some options that aren’t very healthy ones. Surely, it would be advantageous to skip lunch if you’re trying to lose weight or be healthy. Or would it? This article covers the reasons why stopping for lunch is a very important part of one’s day.

Agave – Not the Star You Once Thought

Agave nectar was touted as the perfect natural sweetener to use in place of sugar. Is it as healthy as you think it is? Not really.

Vegan Diet for Health

The vegan diet has been gaining in popularity, but is it good for your health? Find out why so many people are now turning to a plant-based vegan diet.

Organic Food Is Going Mainstream!

How sad that processed food is cheaper than organic food. Hopefully with organic food being sold at super food stores, everyone will be able to eat healthy at an affordable price!

Hydroxycut Hardcore – Some Questions Answered

If you are intending to lose weight, besides getting extreme energy, the best thing you can do is to opt for the best supplements like the Hydroxycut Hardcore. This product from the popular brand Muscletech was developed with a view to provide the users with the thermogenic experience that cannot be compared with any other experience. Here are some questions that would be in your mind before placing an order for this product: Does this product help in weight loss?

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