Check Out This Delicious Sounding ‘High Protein’ Food!

A Healthy Snack List Is A Good Reminder To Stay On Track

If you are someone who cares about health a lot and you only want to eat healthy foods, you may feel challenged when it comes to knowing what you actually need to do to reach your goal. Our intention may be good but it is easy to get side tracked. We should always put ourselves on a mission to go shopping for the right food with a healthy snack list on mind. Bad habits develop quickly and become like viruses in our diet causing bad health in what we are choosing to eat.

Have Sugar Cravings? This May Be Why!

The usual explanations for sugar cravings include low glucose or biological need. Those may be true, but they’re not the whole story. This article covers the real reasons you may crave sugar.

8 Health Benefits of Indian Super-Food Amla

The Indian Gooseberry has lots of medicinal properties. Hence, the tree producing this fruit is being worshiped in some pockets in India. The alternate system of medicine has high regard for this wonder fruit. In this article, we would be look at the medicinal properties of this Indian super-food.

Nutrition Fast and Healthy

If you are in need of a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to get nutrition, then I have the answer to your problem. I have an intestinal issue that makes it difficult to get and extract nutrition. One of the conditions I had was enlarged mega Colon. The typical intestine is supposed to be two inches in diameter. My intestine was four inches. This made it extremely difficult to get and retain nutrition in my body. This portion of my intestine had to be removed. However, this did not clear up my nutritional deficiencies. To solve the nutritional challenges of eating, I came up with a way to process vegetables for easy nutritional intake. This is how it works.

Superfood: Tomatoes

Would you be willing to eat more tomatoes to: 1. Reduce ovarian cancer 2. digestive tract cancer(colon mouth, throat), 3. cardiovascular disease, 4. asthma and lung disease, 5. prostate cancer, and 6. increase fat burning?

The Mysterious Vitamin P and Your Health

Vitamin P is important for your health. Vitamin P actually refers to the nutrients we now call bioflavonoids or flavonoids. They improve the function of every cell in the body. This article covers the ways.

Millennial Mindfulness, Eating Healthy on a Budget

I know, I know you don’t have time to cook, just grab takeout. It’ll do, you’re young; you’re healthy. Besides, restaurant food tastes so good. I’d rather splurge and save elsewhere. But most restaurant food isn’t that healthy.

Eating Healthy on Vacation: Can It Be Done?

It’s that time of year again… summer travel! The thing I hear over and over again is this. “Well, I’m ready to start eating healthy, but first I’ve got this vacation.” There are so many things wrong with this statement, and let me tell you why.

2 Exceptional Supplements I Consume For Peak Performance

As a public speaker, my days are often filled with speaking engagements, client meetings, meetings with my mastermind groups, and various other appointments. During my off-days, I devote my time to an equally intensive schedule packed to the brim: Preparing for the next training session, writing the next article, writing the next blog post, thinking of new marketing strategies, and many more. Thus, I have to find ways to keep myself fighting fit so as not to lose important meetings or speaking engagements just because I fall sick.

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