Do This To Increase Grip Strength #shorts

The Best Doctor in the Philippines

How many times has your doctor told you to “Boost your immune system by taking vitamin C, eating fruits and vegetables, drinking lots of water, and sleeping early”? I bet you don’t remember.

Are You A Food Addict?

Is obesity a disease or an addiction? I have been pondering this one recently disease or an addiction. Obesity is now classed as a disease in the America. This has obviously raised a lot of questions on whether this is right. Do the people have no choice about their diet and what they eat?

Remember That Fat Lasts Longer Than Flavor

Remember these key words – fat lasts longer than flavor. They may help you to start turning things around and improve your health. In other words, the memory of how this meal tasted will be long gone but that fat will remain until it is worked off in some form of exercise. If you are excessively eating on a daily basis, you can figure out why it is so difficult to lose weight on a consistent basis.

11 Somewhat Surprising Smoothie Ingredients You Should Try

Tired of the same old smoothie recipe? Try adding one of these somewhat unusual smoothie ingredients and discover a whole new world of smoothie-making!

Why To Follow A Paleo Diet

Personal trainer Swansea Richard Clarke talks about the paleo diet. He says why he recommends his clients follow this approach.

What Should I Choose at the Canteen?

It can be confusing to know what to choose when you’re faced with a huge amount of choice in a queue at the canteen or cafeteria. This article lays out some guidelines already in place and summaries these into a few simple steps.

Quest Bar Review

If you are interested in working and remaining young, fit and healthy, then it is highly likely that you indulge in a few protein bars from time to time. However, what you do not know is that most of the protein bars in the market are simply sweetened candy bars that have been given a ‘face lift’ of some sorts. This is done by increasing the protein content of the candy bar, in order to make it look more attractive than it actually is.

Fueling For Cycling Stage Races (Without Sugar!)

How you eat before, during and after stage races can make a difference in your performance. These tips are designed to help you fuel and refuel for stage races and optimize your energy during and after the stages.

Create a Winning Game Plan With Wise Food Choices

There are a number of high performance sport venues here in the sunshine state, designed to mold talented kids grooming them to become the pro athletes of the future. Now some of the youngsters were born with genes aligning to create superstars and some have an athletic edge that is honed from discipline, motivation and very hard work. One of the most important keys to strengthen their performance is advice and counsel to keep them on track, fueling them for good health and optimum performance when competing.

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