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Probing Two Main Hazards of Fast Food Restaurants

Life in many ways is hectic and stressful, which keeps us on edge as we feel as though we are pressed with urgency to keep up with the daily schedule, yet we still seem to come up short on time to meet all our daily activities. Because of our shortness of time we are tempted to make use of the convenience of fast food restaurants that allow us to pop in and out without much trouble. However, it is time that we be concerned about our health and take a good look at what these kind of establishments are feeding society.

Sources of Iron for Vegetarians

Being vegetarian, it can sometimes be tough to ensure you’re getting all of the correct nutrients, especially when you’re pregnant. This article gives suggestions on how to ensure you’re getting enough iron without eating red meat in order to have a healthy pregnancy.

CMS Regulations for Nursing Homes Regarding Meal Times and the 14 Hour Rule

Recently we have had a few questions about meal times and the 14 hour rule from CMS for nursing facilities. The concerns are related primarily to the requirements for spacing of the evening meal and the next day’s breakfast especially in the context of person centered dining. Facilities are trying to balance regulations with personal choice and this is fairly easy to achieve.

Why Missing Out On Whole Foods Robs Us Of Good Nutrition

You’ve been robbed nutritionally! Find out how “primitive” whole foods can restore the rich nutrition you need and transform your health.

5 Handy Diet Tips For Men

While we all might wish for a quick fix, successful diet plans for men involve a change in lifestyle combined with a smart exercise and training routine and a healthy nutrition plan. Check out these 5 handy diet tips for men will help your weight loss goals.

Tips for Healthy Eating On the Run

When life gets busy, it’s very easy to skip meals or make unhealthy food choices without thinking. Learn how to make the best possible choices for your health when on the run.

Avocado: Super Food or Super Fad?

Nowadays it seems that almost everyplace you go to eat has some item being advertised with Avocado as the selling factor. Avocados are in fact very good for you, but don’t think that a little piece of this fruit (yes, it is a fruit, not a vegetable) will instantly make a Big Mac healthy. It is a super food, but it’s not green gold so a side of guacamole at Chipotle won’t erase the 1,000-calorie burrito you just ate.

Catch Them Young – Ensure Your Child Is Physically Active!

I am a firm believer in being physically active. Not just for the 45 min exercise period, but during the whole day. I gym fairly regularly and it pains me to see young girls in the gym with physical trainers, on a weight loss regimen – I am talking of girls in class 8, 9! These girls are overweight or obese and probably have been enrolled in the gym by their parents. Where have the days gone when children could stay fit just by playing and being active!

Could You Be Deficient In B12? Know Everything About Vitamin B12 Deficiency

If you don’t take animal product or you have a condition that limits your ability of absorbing nutrients, you should take supplements containing multivitamins. It’s also wise to eat breakfast cereal fortified with vitamin B12. If you are in a family where one of your family members has the condition, you should consider going for a physical check-up to ascertain whether you are suffering from the condition yourself.

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